Meet the Pastor

L. Timothy Dates is a “Man of Faith”, an “Extraordinary Visionary” who established Living Faith Ministries of Clinton under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on October 10, 2010. Rev. Dates believes “Living by Faith” is the gateway to change, in every facet of life. His mission: to cultivate the minds, lives and spirits of tomorrow’s leaders by ministering biblical principles through the preached “Word of God”. His prophetic teaching and preaching is the catalyst that pushes the mission forward, and can be heard each Saturday morning on WAVA 105.1 FM.

Rev. Dates answered his call to ministry on February 15, 1998. He earned a Master’s of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in May 2002. He faithfully served for 12 years, under the leadership of Dr. Lee P. Washington, Senior pastor of Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church. While there, Rev. Dates was privilege to preach Sunday mornings and regularly taught Wednesday bible study. He became well known for his teaching of the “Spiritual Warfare” class taught at the Patricia Clark Institute.

Notwithstanding, Pastor Dates continues to build upon his broad vision known as SWEAP: Stewardship, Worship, Evangelism, Authentic Community, and Personal growth. Living Faith Ministries (LFM) is a biblical based, Christ-centered, non-denominational church. LFM was birthed to bring deliverance to all those that are bound spiritually, physically and mentally. LFM exist to bridge the economic gap through financial empowerment; and socially by renewing a mindset with the “Word of God”. LFM is a deliverance ministry and in its totality, it seeks to be a Blessing, and seeks to be God’s hands & heart in the earth.

Pastor Dates believes there are two vital components to advancing God’s Kingdom: VISION & CREATIVITY (vision + creativity = inspiration). Through divine inspiration and guidance, Living Faith Ministries continues to grow and thrive, year after year.
L. Timothy Dates is a Caring Husband and Proud Father. He has been married to Tonya V. Dates for 20 vibrant years and is the father of Tamar, Leah and Nathanael Emmanuel Dates.